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Your Personnel & Payroll Services is a people and payroll services company, founded and managed by entrepreneur Nettie Wigdor. Her extensive experience spans from HR and payroll development, management, and administration through to benefits. With a focus on compliance, accuracy, and client satisfaction, Your People Services aims to assist startups and entrepreneurs with all of their personnel and payroll needs.

Nettie is a show-stopping one-woman-band with experience in every corner of personnel management and payroll administration. She values integrity and ethics in all professional and personal endeavors.

Since 2015, Nettie has created opportunities to empower and support individuals, teams and companies. With direct development expertise in training & learning management, HRIS & Payroll administration, and data analysis, she's continually fostered learning and growth for both herself and those she's supported along the way.

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Founder & Expert: Nettie Wigdor

Rotterdam 2023

about your services

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Mission Statement

Driven to provide tailored, streamlined, and compliant HR and payroll services and solutions to businesses, specializing in small business owners, while leveraging local knowledge to support clients in becoming more productive and profitable.

To create individualized solutions that foster trust, integrity and ease of use in the ever-changing world of compliance.

Vision Statement
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